Bottled water is not a highly regulated product although it is considered a food product. Bottled water companies may be required to conduct sampling and testing but they are not required to release their reports to the public. They are not even required to tell you where the water was sourced from. With scares like GenX and the Flint Michigan water quality issues, do you know where your bottled water was sourced from… odds are you don’t. Some of these bottled water companies with their alluring packaging gives consumers the idea their water is sourced from pristine mountains and streams, when they are actually sourced from the municipal water system, ground water or other water sources across the country and aren’t even required to filter it before putting it in the bottle and marking it up 1,000 percent.

“Bottled water facilities are generally required to conduct sampling and testing of source water and finished bottled water product for microbiological, chemical and radiological contaminants,” said FDA spokesman Peter Cassell.

Cassell added that bottled water facilities are not required to conduct filtration, but facilities that use municipal water — tap water, typically treat the water at their facilities. Common treatments include distillation, the use of ozone gas through ozonation and reverse osmosis filtration.”

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Polar Ice and Water

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