We see them everywhere, littering our streets, lining the shelves of convenient stores, discarded in our vehicles, large 5 gallon jugs sitting on water coolers in our offices… Plastic bottles are everywhere and with hot topics like Global Warming it is amazing how little attention these and other single use plastics are getting given the amount of resources that are needed to make and deliver them. Not to mention how long it takes for them to break down once they have been discarded, recycled or not.

“Plastic bottles are made of resins derived from oil or refined petroleum and natural gas. The petroleum and gas are sometimes transported long distances to plastic manufacturers, using fossil fuels and producing emissions of greenhouse gases. The size of the carbon footprint depends on the mode of transportation and the distance raw materials have to travel. For example, truck transportation causes more carbon dioxide emissions than rail shipping. When long distances are involved, transportation energy expenditures can represent as much as 29 percent of a plastic bottle’s carbon footprint.”

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