It is that time of year where we are buying all those ingredients to go into all those special traditional Holiday dishes. Some even go as far as to purchase organic, never been touched by a chemical, meats and vegetables. Regardless, there are few dishes we are preparing that don’t require water. While many wont drink tap water they don’t think twice about baking or cooking with it.  Despite the fact it has been treated with chemicals like chlorine and generally has trace amounts of lead and other contaminants it doesn’t register that we are boiling our pasta, rinsing our vegetables and mixing dough for baked goods with it.

Not only are we diminishing the quality of the dishes and deserts we are preparing but we can actually be altering the taste and texture based on the chemicals in the water.

“Some organisms are more sensitive to chlorine and some of those are involved in bread-making. The microorganism symbiosis in sourdoughs can be particularly susceptible. That is why, when you are making a sourdough recipe, it is a good idea to use chlorine-free water. The bread may be fine if you use your normal tap water, but when you spend time and money baking, you want to be sure the recipe comes out right.” TheSpruceEats.com

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