Have you noticed the climbing gas prices lately? But gas isnt the only thing getting more expensive… groceries, household products, bottled water… It appears it has a great deal to do with the increase in shipping charges due to a shortage of drivers. So those “delivery surcharges” you pay on your monthly bottled water service are likely to increase as well. In truth you are most likely paying more for delivery than your product.
Just another reason to eliminate goods that shouldn’t require delivery and ditch the bottle. With Pure Polar Water you’ll never pay another fuel surcharge for drinking water again.
“The biggest impact is on freight costs. Trucking companies have increased rates 6% to 10% in the contracts they’ve signed with shippers over the past year to offset higher wages and take advantage of the strong demand and limited supplies, Cubitt says. Parker says rates have leaped at least 10%, and he expects a similar rise over the next year.”
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