We may not be in Houston but you can certainly bet where there are ice machines there is the potential for slime. The video depicts some common sites and problems Polar technicians run into on a daily basis cleaning machines. This mold, grime and slime is not only unsightly but can cause your customers and employees to get very sick.

Factory recommendations are to have a through cleaning once every six months and depending on the environment it may need to be done on a quarterly or every monthly basis. Regardless of how often a deep cleaning is performed there are still things that need to be done in between cleanings to insure safe ice.

As part of the Polar Ice and Water Ice Machine Maintenance Program, Polar will come out every 6 months (twice a year) to perform a complete maintenance of the ice machine. Our factory trained technicians will perform a deep cleaning of the machine disassembling the water distribution system thoroughly cleaning and changing the required filtration.

However there are a few tasks anyone with an ice machine should know and create an in-house schedule to insure the safety and cleanliness of their ice.  Even with the factory suggested through cleanings and preventative maintenance every six months, bacteria will grow inside the ice bin in a short amount of time even after a deep cleaning.

In order to maintain a bacteria free ice bin, and stay passible for the health department you should make these tasks part of your in house cleaning schedule:


Every other Week   Once a month
Clean air filters by removing from machine and wiping down or running under water Empty ice bin wipe down bottom and sides with a sanitizer
Pull down bin baffle, or reach in as far as you can, and wipe with a sanitizer on the back side
Wipe down with sanitizer the top side of bin, where the ice drops from

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your Ice Machine Cleaning contact us at 888-765-2706.

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