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When you choose Polar Ice and Water you are getting the ultimate all-inclusive service.
We are always your only call when there is a concern with your equipment and there are no additional fees for any service calls, parts or labor.

It is our responsibility to ensure it is operating to manufacturer’s standards.
You can rest assured knowing one of our factory trained service technicians will arrive in a timely manner to attend to any equipment concerns.



Service Includes:

  • All Parts
  • All Labor
  • Standard Filters
  • Prompt Local Service Response
  • Free Loaner Unit if Necessary
  • Lifetime Replacement/Repair Warranty
  • Full Diagnostic Check


Polar Water & Ice

Hydrate Wisely

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.

Once you understand the benefits of new or innovative solutions, it’s easy to look in the rear-view mirror and see clearly the shortcomings of “the way things have always been done…”

  • Visual Inspection
  • Filter Inspection and Replacement as Necessary
  • Water Tank/Bin Inspection and Sanitizing as Necessary
  • Electrical Component Inspection
  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Hose and Fitting Inspection
  • Installation Site Clean Up


Polar Water & Ice

Eliminate Airborne Bacteria

The old-style bottled water cooler in your office is an “open air” system which means those bubbles you see and hear as you fill your cup with water are pulling air from the environment you are in…

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‘The milk man model’

‘The milk man model’

It’s necessary we continue to improve how we distribute products and services so future consumption is less impactful on the environment. It’s even more important that we consider current alternatives and take action now. In the US we consume more than 3 million...

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Eliminate office intrusions

We can completely cut out office intrusions by water delivery companies and the associated risk of exposing non-staff members to potentially confidential areas.


No more changing that 42 pound bottle

With a Polar point of use system the pure, cold water doesn’t run out and nobody has to change the bottle eliminating the risk of employee injury and the lost time it takes your staff to change it out.


No more bottle storage

Our purification systems eliminate the need to store those large 5 gallon bottles. Get rid of an eye sore and open up valuable floor space in your facility!


Cleaning & Sanitization of your cooler is eliminated

Polar systems are backed by all inclusive service performed by factory trained technicians; so you can rest assured that your cooler is sanitary and safe, producing pure drinking water. Did you know your 5 gallon bottled water cooler is supposed to be cleaned and sanitized every other bottle or every 60 days? Read more in our Health and Wellness section.


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Polar Ice & Water Service include the following: All Parts, All Labor, Standard Filters, Prompt Local Service Response, Free Loaner Unit if Necessary, Lifetime Replacement/Repair Warranty, Full Diagnostic Check, Visual Inspection, Filter Inspection and Replacement as Necessary, Water Tank/Bin Inspection and Sanitizing as Necessary, Electrical Component Inspection, Exterior Cleaning, Hose and Fitting Inspection, and Installation Site Clean Up.