“They ran out of water around noon and contacted the water vendor,” she said. “They were promised water [Thursday] afternoon, and the delivery did not come. They’re expecting it tonight and to have water tomorrow. If not, [the principal] will make other arrangements.”

Water, water all around and not a drop to drink… It is a terrible thing to know you have access to water from the tap but you can’t drink it… and for the children at this school to be without water all day just seems crazy.  For many of us we have concerns about drinking from the tap even though we know it is heavily regulated at the treatment level the infrastructure it travels through can put things back into the water and then of course there are the chemicals like fluoride and chlorine put into the water for sanitation etc., that doesn’t mean we want to drink it and we certainly don’t want our children exposed to it. But why should you be at the mercy of a delivery man? Pure Polar Water Purification systems can alleviate the concern and put endless pure clean, safe water right at your fingertips.


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Polar Ice and Water
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