Nestle has been able to go on extracting water from San Bernardino National Forest despite their permit expiring in 1988. Protestors are not only upset about water being taken from their local resource and trucked to Ontario for bottling despite the expired permit but that it is being done while the area is still trying to recover from drought. The precious ground water needed to support the National forest’s habitat as well as the local community is being trucked out of the area thousands of gallons at a time resulting in over 30 million gallons extracted in 2016 alone.

“Nestle says it collected about 32 million gallons of water from Arrowhead Springs in 2016. The water flows through Nestle’s pipeline to a roadside tank, where it is moved to tanker trucks and hauled to a bottling plant in Ontario.

Steve Loe, A former Forest Service biologist, has called for the agency to limit Nestle’s use of water from the national forest to protect Strawberry Creek and the wildlife that depends on it. In an email to Forest Service supervisors in March, Loe said limiting the amount of water Nestle takes would help groundwater levels recover after more than five years of severe drought.

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