With water quality issues at the forefront many of us assume if our community is not in the news then it must be just fine. But when we look deeper we realize these water quality issues are not just segregated to the communities we hear about in the news.  Because of prevalent communities like Flint, Michigan other states and communities are beginning to wonder, what is in our water? Although tap water is highly regulated and does not leave treatment plants without meeting set standards the infrastructure of the pipes that bring water into our buildings may be dated, leaving us at the risk of water picking up dangerous particles that can affect our health and wellness.

Having a truly pure water source is vital. We cannot rely solely on “filtration” of our water but adopt purification processes that can insure we are as safe as possible from contaminants.

“Several Texas school districts that have recently carried out voluntary water testing have discovered significant amounts of lead, prompting them to replace old water fountains and take other action. Lead levels in drinking water supplies at two elementary schools — Morningside Elementary in Fort Worth, Golfcrest Elementary in Houston — was found to be more than 1,100 parts per billion. That is exponentially higher than the 20 parts per billion threshold for schools set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

More Information: Texas Tribune


Polar Ice and Water

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