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A Clear Mission

We’re on a mission to make sure your ice equipment is producing safe, clean ice, all the time. Whether you prefer to purchase equipment outright or take advantage of our full service rental program, we’ll make sure you understand how to get the most out of your investment. Our preventive maintenance programs reduce trouble service expenses and improve the longevity of equipment. Don’t leave the safety of your guests and the integrity of your beverages to chance.


Polar Will Keep You Covered.


One call, no hassles. Have a concern regarding your ice machine? Don’t sweat it! Call us and it will be handled. No unexpected, expensive repair. Our service technicians are factory trained and qualified to troubleshoot and get your equipment back up and running in a timely manner. Did we mention there are never any unexpected costs?


Safety is paramount when dealing with food products and ice is food. When you choose Polar it is our duty to ensure your equipment is maintained above manufacturer standards. Our regular cleaning schedule ensures the ice produced by your machine is safe and sanitary. Poorly maintained ice machines put your guests at risk and commonly result in write-ups during health inspections.


Ice machines cost thousands of dollars to purchase outright which is a lot of capital to invest in a machine that won’t generate a positive return. It may be required to operate your business, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to buy it. Ice machines are notoriously problematic, breaking down unexpectedly and costing hundreds of dollars to repair. Choosing a Polar subscription service allows you to pay a fixed price every month regardless of service needs. It’s in our best interest to keep it working as effectively and efficiently as possible. You’ll never have to worry about the cost of a service call or the competency of your service technician. Polar has you covered!

In the event your ice needs increase, you have the option to upgrade your equipment for only the difference in monthly subscription.

Equipment purchased outright is typically depreciated over 5 to 10 years, where as your payment to Polar can be fully expensed. Choose Polar and you’ll experience smooth, predictable payments that benefit your bottom line.


Go Green

Polar proudly offers Energy Star certified products. Energy Star is a program that identifies the most energy efficient equipment within a specific classification –The ice machines are required to be at least 15% more energy-efficient and 10% more water-efficient than standard ice machine models are given the EPA’s Energy Star designation.

The manufacturers we represent practice conservation through reduced energy consumption in their facilities, effective waste management and recycling programs. They have been recognized with Energy Star Partner of the Year awards. Like Polar, they are committed to operating in a manner that positively impacts our environment and conserves natural resources.

These brands produce items that are made using a large percentage of recycled materials including:

  • 90% stainless steel
  • 77% galvanized steel
  • 60% copper
  • 25% aluminum


Eliminate office intrusions

We can completely cut out office intrusions by water delivery companies and the associated risk of exposing non-staff members to potentially confidential areas.


No more bottle storage

Our purification systems eliminate the need to store those large 5 gallon bottles. Get rid of an eye sore and open up valuable floor space in your facility!


No more changing that 42 pound bottle

With a Polar point of use system the pure, cold water doesn’t run out and nobody has to change the bottle eliminating the risk of employee injury and the lost time it takes your staff to change it out.


Cleaning & Sanitization of your cooler is eliminated

Polar systems are backed by all inclusive service performed by factory trained technicians; so you can rest assured that your cooler is sanitary and safe, producing pure drinking water. Did you know your 5 gallon bottled water cooler is supposed to be cleaned and sanitized every other bottle or every 60 days? Read more in our Health and Wellness section.


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Polar Ice & Water Service include the following: All Parts, All Labor, Standard Filters, Prompt Local Service Response, Free Loaner Unit if Necessary, Lifetime Replacement/Repair Warranty, Full Diagnostic Check, Visual Inspection, Filter Inspection and Replacement as Necessary, Water Tank/Bin Inspection and Sanitizing as Necessary, Electrical Component Inspection, Exterior Cleaning, Hose and Fitting Inspection, and Installation Site Clean Up.