California is considered to be one of the most environmentally forward-thinking states, so it isn’t surprising one of their most popular cities is among the first to make this move. The question is, why aren’t more cities and states following suite? Can you imagine how much plastic could be prevented from entering landfills if government agencies and public event centers no longer allowed the sale or use of plastic single use water bottles on the premises. We can all make a difference in our communities by pushing our local governments to pursue these kinds of changes. The first step is refusing, ourselves, to be part of the problem just by putting the bottle down and adopting a “Ditch Disposable – Choose Re-useable” mindset.


“The ordinance, which has expanded in recent years, also bars the sale of bottled water at large events on city properties and prohibits San Francisco government agencies from purchasing plastic bottled water. Legislators also called for increased investment in water fountains, filling stations and event water hook-ups.

“San Francisco has wonderful, high-quality water,” said Tyrone Jue, senior advisor on the environment in the mayor’s office. “It’s more heavily regulated than the water you’re getting in bottles.”


More Information: The Guardian

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