Everyone needs water to live. When we become dehydrated we are less effective at work and in life. In a society where the population leans heavily on sugary, carbonated beverages it is more important than ever that employers take the lead and provide healthy, pure, cold drinking water to their staff in order to encourage them to perform at their best.

So why is water from a Polar purification system better for your employees?

1. Hydrate Wisely
You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Once you understand the benefits of new or innovative solutions, it’s easy to look in the rearview mirror and see clearly the shortcomings of “the way things have always been done.” Our slogan “Hydrate Wisely” applies this concept of innovation to our industry. While it requires a willingness to learn and understand the differences between our solutions(new standard) and the old standard, we believe that once you are armed with the knowledge, you’ll be ready to Hydrate Wisely with Polar.

2. Eliminate airborne bacteria from entering your water cooler
The old-style bottled water cooler in your office is an “open air” system which means those bubbles you see and hear as you fill your cup with water are pulling air from the environment you are in. So while the water was filtered when it was bottled it is now susceptible to contamination from outside sources, i.e. cold, flu, chemical vapors and any other contaminants present in your environment.

3. The bottled water cooler is dirty…
Have you ever noticed the green slime where the bottle neck goes? That bacteria has formed by the mixing of the moisture and the air is not only on the outside of your cooler but inside as well… that’s right. So if you aren’t cleaning your water cooler every other bottle or every 60 days, whichever comes first (IBWA) you are potentially exposing anyone that consumes from that machine to harmful bacteria, germs, viruses or other contaminants that are present in your environment.

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