Bottled water brands tout they are the “cleaner,” “healthier,” “safer” choice for water drinkers but are they really? The most recent case of a bottled water recall in St. Lucia in April of 2017 has not been fully addressed even now several months later. In 2015 there was a recall in the US of 14 different brands of bottled water due to an E. Coli scare. The fact is Bottled water is not regulated near the extent of municipal water and the bottled water companies aren’t required to tell us where their product was sourced from or provide quality reports to the public.

“A report by the NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) about 15 years ago — the latest large-scale study performed — tested more than 1,000 bottles from 103 brands of water by three independent labs. They found that about one-third of the bottles contained significant contamination with levels of chemical or bacterial contaminants exceeding those allowed under a state or industry standard or guideline in at least one test.”

More Information: Chicago Tribune


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