With the implications of the clean water rule being “murky at best” it is hard to tell who will be regulating our drinking water in the near future and which bodies of water/water ways are going to be under federal protection or state protection and what that actually means for our drinking water sources. Regardless if your water comes from a five-gallon jug, a single serve bottle or your tap at home it is coming from one of these sources. The thought that even now it is not clear who regulates our water ways to keep them safe for drinking and what those regulations are makes it vital to have a purification system for your drinking water you can trust.

“In his executive order, Trump instructed the agencies to redesign the rule in keeping with a 2006 opinion by the late conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He interpreted federal jurisdiction narrowly, saying only “relatively permanent, standing or continuously flowing” waters or wetlands with a surface connection to navigable waterways are entitled to federal protection.”

More Information: ABC NEWS


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