“But I’m not thirsty.” It is the most common response we hear when you tell someone they are probably just dehydrated. We don’t realize just how much hydration matters to our over all well being. When we haven’t had enough proper hydration we can get headaches, stomach aches, blurry vision, feel weak and crazy enough even feel hungry or have food cravings.

So before you decide you are sick or that you just need to go ahead and give into that chocolate cake craving have a glass of water and give your self a few minutes. Odds are you will feel much better.

“Right from lubricating your eyes, joints and tissues to getting rid of accumulated toxins to healthy skin, water is indeed of utmost importance if you want to be healthy. Here is the list of signs that show you have dehydration.”

1. Headaches 

2. Dry mouth, dry skin and bad breath

3. Constipation

4. Lethargy and concentration

5. Joint pain

6. You are hardly urinating

7. Constant food cravings

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