Despite the fact that our tap water is regulated and must meet certain standards before leaving the local processing plants to enter the water infrastructure many times the infrastructure is actually causing the problem. There are cities that still have lead pipes, high agricultural areas have animal fecal matter and pesticide/herbicide runoff which enters the infrastructure and for those on a ground water source they can be exposed to these things also. Even though we can look and see reports from our water treatment facilities that doesn’t mean what they tested is what actually came out of your tap once it went through the outdated and often damaged pipes leading to your home.

“Many local water treatment plants, especially those in small, poor and minority communities, can’t afford the equipment necessary to filter out contaminants. Those can include arsenic found naturally in rock, chemicals from factories and nitrates and fecal matter from farming. In addition, much of the country’s aging distribution pipes delivering the water to millions of people are susceptible to lead contamination, leaks, breaks and bacterial growth.”

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