It is obvious, given Nestle’s track record, why Native Americans are apprehensive about the big bottle company requesting to pull water from sources they have had rights to for nearly 200 years.

Big bottle companies like Nestle continue to wreak havoc on our resources. A company owned by investors outside of the US with 418 factories in 86 countries cares very little about the conservation of wetlands and the water resources in the US. There are continuously stories in the news of big bottle companies, Nestle in particular, bottling in heavy drought areas while the rest of the community is asked to use water conservation practices, while they continue to pull thousands of gallons from local water resources every day to make their profits.


“The tribes are concerned that allowing a 400 gallons-per-minute (gpm) withdrawal on Nestle’s White Pine Springs production well in Osceola Township might affect the wetlands, streams, flora and fauna in an area where the state of Michigan has a legal duty under a 181-year-old treaty to protect wildlife habitat for tribal use.”


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Polar Ice and Water

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